Ultimate Cell Truck Engine

Ultimate Power’s solution for heavy duty trucks and generators that consume up to 85 Liters/Hour. The UCTE can be linked in parallel to accommodate unique engine/generator consumptions.
The UCTE can be used with Diesel, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, and Ethanol fuels.


Version: UCTE V3.0
Application: Engine size up to 3000cc
Electrolyte: Water based alkaline solution
Electrolytic Capacity: 370 ml – rechargeable autonomous electrolytic: +/- 70.000 km (+/- 2.000hours) per each 370 ml (A6 NTP)
Power Supply: 12V DC / 24V DC
Energy Consumption: ELECTRIC 0.08A TO 0.6A
Standby: 0.01A HH0
Production Rate: 0.18L/h to 1.23L/h
Dimensions: 92mm x 116mm x 148mm
Ultimate Cell is patented, protected, and recognized under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization.