Ultimate Cell Large Engine

Ultimate Cell’s solution for marine and land engines for commercial applications. The UCLE (Ultimate Cell Large Engine), is used for engines and generators that consume more than 85 Liters/Hours to 600 Liters/Hour.

The UCLE can be connected in parallel to accommodate consumptions of up to 1200 Liters/Hour. The device may be used with Diesel, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, and Ethanol fuels.

Protection Box for 2 Containers
Protection Box for 4 Containers
Control Module


Product Version: UCLE300 / UCLE600
Application: High Displacement Internal Combustion Engines
Electrolyte: Water based alkaline solution
Electrolyte Capacity: 10 L for each container – Rechargeable
Electrolyte Autonomy: Up to 6,000 hours
Power Supply: 12/24/48V DC / 110/230V AC
Power Consumption: 100W per container
HHO Production Rate: Up to 12 L/h per container
Dimensions: 760mm x 340mm x 380mm
Control Module: 440mm x 200mm x 530mm
Ultimate Cell is patented, protected, and recognized under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization.