Ultimate Cell Boat Engine

Ultimate Power’s solution for motor and turbine union engines. The UCBE can be linked in parallel to accommodate unique engine consumptions. The UCBE can be used with Diesel, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, and Ethanol fuels.


Version: UCBE V3.0
Application: Engine size up to 3000cc
Electrolyte: Water based alkaline solution
Electrolytic Capacity: 370 ml – rechargeable autonomous electrolytic: +/- 70.000 km (+/- 2.000hours) per each 370 ml (A6 NTP)
Power Supply: 12V DC / 24V DC
Energy Consumption: ELECTRIC 0.08A TO 0.6A
Standby: 0.01A HH0
Production Rate: 0.18L/h to 1.23L/h
Dimensions: 92mm x 116mm x 148mm
Ultimate Cell is patented, protected, and recognized under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization.